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Realizing that modern infrastructure is essential for consistent products, HT has invested in the complete range of harnessing equipments for ensuring quality production at all times.

Facilities includes :

1.Automatic cutting, stripping and crimping stations.
2.Automatic cutting and stripping machines.
3.Semiautomatic crimping press and applicators.
4.Sleeve cutting machine.
5.Battery cable cutting machine.
6.Multicore cable sheath removing machine.
7.Harness testers.
8.Assembly and testing boards and jigs.

Systematic application of modern machineries backed by ISO/UL/CE certified systems ensure defect free products winning customer confidence leading to preferred vendor status.


Fully Automated Cutting & Crimping Machine for both Ends

Fully Automated Cutting & Crimping Machine

Semi Automated Terminal Crimping Machine

Crimping 5 ton

DMC Machine

PVC Cable Cutting Machine

PLC for FRC Cable